PEP Persian Co. is supplying a broad range of products to the Electrical Panels Builders, Engineering services for capacitor, distribution & control panels; Scada, F&G,SMS for Oil & Gas Industries and CNG stations.

Pishgum Energy Pooya Parsian (PEP Persian Co.) is located in Tehran. It was established especially for dealing with Energy projects in Iran. Thanks to a strong team of technical and commercial expertise, it could successfully execute different important projects and has soon developed the domain of its activities into other fields. For more than 12 years, PEP Persian Co. has provided engineering solutions that deliver lasting results for private industry, public entities and government organizations and is now supporting many customers for their development programs, technological projects as well as equipment and spare parts or engineering services supplies. It supplies to the customers top quality products manufactured by the most reliable and famous manufacturers worldwide.

PEP Persian Co.  is now supplying a broad range of different products and equipment (such as Thermostat, AC & DC Fans, Filters, Fan-Filters, Heaters, roof and wall mounted Coolers, LED Lamps, Relays, Timers, Fuses, Push-Buttons, Shields, Fittings, Semaphores, Discrepancy Switches, Electrical Insulation tubes…) for electrical panels’ – Engineering services for capacitor, distribution & control panels; Scada, F&G-SMS for Oil & Gas Industries and CNG stations.

PEP Persian Co. is generally active in two main fields:

1- Trading
Procurement of Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical products for the state-based and private sector companies and Tenders.
2- Engineering
Rendering different solutions, design, installation and commissioning services to many CNG stations, EPC contracts and projects, as well as to Oil & Gas MTO projects and has got strong and effective business relationships with the major companies in these fields.

PEP Persian Co. has already created a strong sales network throughout Iran and is distributing its products in many cities of Iran directly to the end- users and projects. It is currently supplying many electrical products to the Oil & Gas projects as well as to the Electrical Panel builders including the big ones among them working under the license of ABB, Siemens, and Schneider in Iran.


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